I’ve sent a signature request to a parent, what does he have to do next?

Table des matières

Once the signature request has been sent from the daycare, the parent receives an email that allows to consult and sign the attendance sheet.

In images #

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Signature request – Steps of the parent

Parent’s steps #

  1. Check the email, preferably on a smart device as a cell phone or a tablet.
    1. If the email ends up in Spam Folder, you must open it and indicate to the email provider that it isn’t spam (different approach from a provider to another)
    2. Moving it to the Inbox does NOT legitimize the email
  2. Open email [Demande de signature…]
  3. Click on Consulter et signer
  4. Consult the [Attendance sheet]
  5. If any correction must be made: tell the responsible about the corrections needed
  6. If the Attendance sheet matches : click on Cacher la fiche d’assiduité or scroll down
  7. At the Signature section of the document
  8. Sign in the [Box] using finger or stylus
    1. Recommandation: keep the device on Landscape Mode for better signature space

Trash can (red) : Allows you to delete and redo the signature
Paper plane (green) : Allows you to send the signature